Apple iPhone 11 Leaks

Man is advancing towards the future in this world full of inventions and discoveries. No doubt we have far developed than our ancestors and also no wonder how well prepared our next generations will be. Now a day, we have got many gadgets to make our work easy. Many companies are making many items now a day for the convenience for man. They have made the living easy and convenient for people such as mobile phones that are one of the greatest gifts that science has given us. They have made communication easy for us. Therefore, with the advancements, Apple will be introducing Apple iPhone 11 to its customers in the coming days. We will be giving useful information about Apple iPhone 11 that has not been frequently found in the market. Therefore, all you need to do is to stay with us.

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The launching date of Apple iPhone 11:

There have been many rumors about the launching date of the new iPhone 11 by Apple. We have done a complete survey for this purpose and have seen that Apple is mostly expected to launch its latest phone iPhone 11 on September 10, 2019. So, the phone will be available officially for its customers starting from September 10, this year. There have been no official announcements on the releasing date of iPhone 11 by Apple yet. But we have managed to predict the release date of the new iPhone 11. This assumption has been made by keeping in mind the release of three iPhones by Apple in 2018. We can notice that iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR were released at the same time in 2018. Therefore, we expect Apple to repeat the event in 2019, as well. So, the release data is assumed to be September 10, 2019. So, cheer up and wait till then.

Price of Apple iPhone 11:

The price for Apple’s latest gadget iPhone 11 has not been confirmed officially yet. We have done some researching and have come up with some rumors regarding the price of Apple’s iPhone 11 that are revolving around now a day. Therefore, the expected rate of the Apple iPhone 11 will be the same as that of iPhone X that was released last year. It would be safe to assume that the iPhone 11 will cost a similar amount as iPhone X. Some unofficial sources have claimed that Apple will offer the iPhone 11 on undisclosed contracts for $399 (128GB), $499 (256GB), and $599 (512GB) with the expected prices to be $999 (128GB), the $1099 (256GB) and the $1199 (512GB).

However, this is not the officially announced price by Apple, but it is expected to be accurate and exact. We hope that it does not exceed $1K.

Apple iPhone 11 Specifications:

Apple has always been at the top in producing the latest featured mobile phones for its users. It’s every later model has been more advanced and updated then the former one. Apple’s iPhone 11 is coming with the latest features any iPhone has had. We will be giving detail of some of the properties of Apple iPhone 11. Some sources have told that it has been added with some fantastic features as well.

Dimensions of Apple iPhone 11:

There have been many rumors about the aspects of Apple iPhone 11.  However, it has not been announced officially by Apple. The dimensions of Apple iPhone 11 are expected to 157.6mm x 77.5mm x 8.1mm, compared to the current size of 157.5mm x 77.4mm x 7.7mm. Its screen size is expected to be 6.5-inch. We have researched and concluded that the screen size of the new Apple iPhone 11 would not be much different as compared to its previous model iPhone X. As we have seen that Apple has not been too conscious about its screen size and dimensions over the last two or three years. However, there is a slight change in the dimensions and screen size

The Design and Display of Apple iPhone 11:

As far as the design of new iPhone 11 is concerned, we expect it to be more like the previous iPhone X, but there are a few changes that are sure to be there in iPhone 11. Some leaks show that there is a triple-lens camera on the upper left side of the back screen. The latest iPhone 11 will be having a new triple-lens camera that makes it different from its previous models.

The screen size of Apple iPhone 11 is expected to be 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch. However, this data cannot be said to be accurate as it has not been announced officially. We have seen a lot of expected screen sizes that Apple iPhone 11 will be having. Some say that it will have a 5.8-inch screen just the same as its previous model iPhone X while we have also heard its screen size to be bigger than iPhone X this time. SO, there have been many contradictions regarding the size of the new iPhone 11. There’s seemingly some confusion over the iPhone 11 Max screen as well, with one report claiming it’ll have the same sized display as the iPhone XS Max (at 6.5 inches), while some other resources say that Apple will increase its screen size to 6.7 inches. After all the data, we have taken many sources and compared their views. After this, we have concluded that the most likely size of new iPhone 11 will be 5.8 inches for the iPhone 11, 6.5 for the iPhone 11 Max, and 6.1 for the iPhone 11R. These factors are not accurate but are the most convenient ones to be. So, all we hope is the liking of Apple iPhone users.

As far as the display is concerned, Apple iPhone X has been quite amazing with its notched OLED screen. Therefore, we have also expected the new iPhone 11 to have the same OLED screen with iPhone 11R with LCD screen. The users have liked it as it increases the beauty of the phone and its appearance. It also increases the display of the phone screen. The screen has even been heard to be water-resistant.

As far as screen protection is concerned, it has not been mentioned and explained and it will be uncovered at the time of the release of the phone. But it is definite to be scratch resistant.

Operating System of Apple iPhone 11:

Some sources have confirmed that Apple has fitted its latest device with the newest version of Apple IOS, which is IOS 13. Well, that’s a general thing that the latest phone would undoubtedly have the latest operating system. However, we have also heard some rumors regarding IOS 13 that it gives a better display and many enhanced features to the new iPhone 11. One of the most amazing features that are offered by the new IOS 13 is the “Dark Mode” that changes the screen display from white and grey to grey and black. This turns off the pixels in the screen that save the battery timing to a great extent. There are a lot of other features that IOS 13 is giving to iPhone customers. Conclusively, we can say that IOS 13 is far better as compared to its previous versions and it will surely impress the iPhone users. 

Sim Slots in Apple iPhone 11:

Some information has been uncovered recently regarding the sim slots in iPhone 11. We have heard that generally there will be single nano sim slot in Apple iPhone 11. Well, the latest phone will have these basic features.

As far as memory card slots are concerned, that is general that Apple has not given memory card slots with any model to its customers. It only provides built-in memory to its customers.

Colour of Apple iPhone 11:

Colour is also a necessary thing that affects the appearance of the phone. There have been many talks regarding the color of the Apple iPhone 11 color. The rumors say that iPhone 11 will come in Space Grey, Gold, Silver and Blue Colour. These are the most expected colors for iPhone 11 to have in it.

The Camera of Apple iPhone 11:

The camera is one of the primary features that every phone has. Now a day, the camera quality of a phone defines its overall quality and rating. Most phone users have a camera feature on the top of their lists. A phone gets flop if its camera quality is bad. iPhones have always been known for their excellent camera quality. They have always been the leading ones as far as the camera quality is concerned. Every coming model of iPhone has been better in the camera quality. The last model, iPhone X, was the best one having the best portrait camera with an impressive condition. Therefore, we expect the iPhone 11 to have an even better camera than iPhone X. Well, this thing will surely prove right as we have seen the new iPhone 11 to have a Rear Triple Camera with it. We have heard this from multiple resources that the new iPhone 11 Max will have a triple rear camera while the other two will have the dual rear camera. As the power of the rear camera is concerned, we have heard that it will be having a 14 MP, 10 MP and an unknown third camera in it. Sources say that it will have a wide-angle lens. The flash will be stronger, and the camera bump will be smaller. According to some sources, the image signaling processor has been improved to get better photography. The front came is also said to be increased from 7 MP to 12 MP.

We assumed that there would be AR (Augmented Reality) in the new iPhone 11, but Apple has not added it in iPhone 11 and has delayed it for iPhone 12 that will be coming in 2020.

The battery of Apple iPhone 11:

The battery is also one of the primary factors that represent a phone. A person cannot take a charger with him every time. Therefore, the phone battery must be reliable and consistent that even after timely use of the phone, the battery does not give up that easily. Thus, according to rumors, we have seen that Apple iPhone 11R is coming with a 3110 mAh battery. This battery size is 5.7 % larger than the previous one in iPhone XR. Some sources say that iPhone 11 will have a battery of 4000 mAh.

Storage Space of Apple iPhone 11:

Storage space as also a good factor in deciding a good phone for yourself. Most people much prefer storage spaces in mobile phones so, due to this, many good phones are missed out. Suppose a person is a businessman with a lot of data to work with. So, he will need a phone with functional storage space in it. In this case, the companies must take care of this feature to make a relevant product. Apple has always given build-in storage spaces in its iPhones. It does not allow extended storage to its users. However, we can get quite enough built-in space already that is enough for the users. iPhone 11 will be coming in three types of storage options 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. These storage spaces are more than enough for even a busy and frequent iPhone user.

The Processor of Apple iPhone 11:

Apple IPhone 11 is coming with an A13 Hexa-Core Processor. It shows that it will have a quick processing speed that most new phones in the market have. Well, who like a phone with slow processing speed and time taking processing and running. Therefore, iPhone 11 is fitted with the latest and quick Processor. However, we cannot currently tell how fast this Processor will be. Its continuous use by the users can only prove it. But we believe that the new iPhone 11 will not be having any flaws and problems regarding the Processor.

As far as RAM is concerned, we have heard that iPhone 11 will be having a 3GB RAM which will be the same as iPhone X. Some other rumors say that it will have a RAM of 4GB.

Other Features of Apple iPhone 11:

Apple’s latest phone has a lot of exciting features in it that will surely be interesting for the customers.

It has a new and updated operating system different from its previous models that gives a lot of amazing features to it. The new IOS 13 gives many new features to the new iPhone 11 that make it worth using. One of the best features of iPhone 11 is the triple rear camera that will be the first one in the iPhone series. It will also have improved face recognition that will be 30 % faster than the previous model. The camera angle will be widened, and the response time of face recognition will also be quicker as compared to the earlier models. 

Some other features include accelerometer, barometer, compass, gyro, heart rate, iris scanner, and fingerprint scanner, as mentioned before.


We have mentioned above, all the details and rumors that we could get from around about the new and latest model of Apple, iPhone 11. These facts prove that Apple iPhone 11 is definitely coming up with something new for its customers and will surely impress the world. All its features are updated and unique, which show that it will be more significant and developed than its previous models.