Cracked Phone Screen Repair Cost

A cracked phone screen is a common thing you will see today since the manufacturers of the phones have shifted to the glass screen from the plastic ones. Many manufacturers are using glass even for the back of the phones. The glass is more prone to cracks since it is harder and can absorb very less of the shock whenever you drop it that would result in cracking or even shattering the glass. The best way to avoid this unfortunate situation is to use a cover on your phone. Also, you should use a glass protector on the screen. But if you are too lazy or you have bought the phone for the way it looks, you probably would not put a cover on your phone, and as a result, your phone is more vulnerable to cracks and breakage whenever it falls.

Usually, users would like to keep using their phones as it is after cracking the screen, as they have to take some time off from their busy schedule to get their phones repaired and also because it is costly to replace the screen. Using phones with cracks in the screen can be dangerous as it can get you cut on your finger. If you are not willing to get your phone repaired right away, put a screen protector or tape on the screen to avoid any damages to your finger.

The cost of getting your phone’s screen repaired varies depending on the brand of your phone and from where you are getting it fixed. Since the phone manufacturers are following the trend of screens with notches and curves, it adds up to the complexity of repairing process and thus repairing cost. If your phone is under warranty or having a protection plan like AppleCare+, a repair would not hurt your pocket that much as you can get it repaired in just a few dollars. For iPhone users with no protection plan, it can be as expensive as $520 and if the back-panel is broken along with the screen, getting a new phone would be a good idea instead of getting it repaired. For other well-known brands like Huawei and Samsung, it usually is under $400, and for the rest of the brands, it is relatively less.

If you have a broken screen and have no warranty or protection plan, you might consider local repair shops where the repair cost can be as less as 50% of what the manufacturer is demanding.

iPhone screen repair cost

Now if you are an iPhone user with a broken screen, you are going to pay as follows:

  • If you are lucky enough to have AppleCare+, you are going to pay just $29 independent of the model you are using
  • For iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone SE and iPhone 6 you will be charged $129 for damaged screen repair
  • For iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, the cost will be $149
  • For iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus, the charges will be $169
  • For iPhone XR, the charges will be $199
  • For iPhone X and iPhone XS, you will have to pay $279
  • For iPhone XS Max, you are going to pay $329

The charges discussed above are for screen damages only. If you get the slightest damage to some part other than the screen, the price will jump up to more than double the rates mentioned above.

Samsung screen repair cost

If you are a Samsung user, the price for getting your screen repaired is as follows:

  • For Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7 and Note 5, the repair cost would be around $149
  • For Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy S10E, you will be charged $199
  • For Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Active and Galaxy S9, it will be $219
  • For Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy S9+, charges will be $229
  • For Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 9, it will be $239
  • For Galaxy S10 the cost is $249 and $269 for Galaxy S10+

Above mentioned prices are also for screen repair only. If your phone has any other damage, you are going to pay separately.

Below is the chart for the comparison of topnotch devices screen repair cost.

If you are a little familiar with the repairing process, you can find several videos online that would show you how to repair/replace your screen. In that case, you can buy a screen or glass panel from your local shop by paying very less amount of money. Later, following the video, you can easily replace the screen, which would cost you just a shade over $100 instead of whooping $300-$500 that manufacturer is going to charge you for repair.

Repairing your phone yourself or by the local repair shop is only recommended if you don’t have any warranty left. Warranty will be void if you try to repair the device while it is in warranty. With the warranty, you should reach out to the manufacturer and get it covered under accidental damage coverage.

Whenever you buy a new and expensive phone, you should also go for a protection plan that would be helpful if you damage your device. First thing you should do after buying a new phone is to put some case/cover on the phone and a screen protector (tempered glass) to avoid any unfortunate event. Some manufacturers include the case and protector in the box. If you don’t get them with the phone, you should buy them yourself right away that would cost you just a few pounds and can save you hundreds of pounds in the future.

If you have bought a new phone and don’t have a protector or case for your phone, we have got you covered. You can search for your phone’s cover and screen protector for your phone on our website that would help you keep your phone safe and sound. You can get 30% off if you are buying in bulk.