Fixing Cracked Phone Screens At Home

Fixing a broken phone screen at home:

Man is advancing towards future in this world full of inventions and discoveries. No doubt we are far developed then our ancestors and also no wonder how well developed our next generations will be. Now a day, we have got many gadgets to make our work easy. Many items are being made for the convenience for man. They have made the living easy and convenient for people such as mobile phones that are one of the greatest gifts that science has given us. They have made communication easy for us. But what is the use of a device when it is so fragile in nature. These gadgets become invaluable and of no use when they break. So, in case these things get broken, they need to be fixed. Now, we want to come up with good solutions at home to fix these gadgets.

How can phones be protected?

Mobile phone cases and protectors are the most commonly used items for protection and safety of our gadgets. They provide protection and safety to the phones as well as they make the phones look good and fancy. We can see a large variety of these cases in the market now a day. Now the question arises that how does a plastic cover protect the phones from cracks and avoids the loss of breaking?

Most cases are made up of hard plastic, when our phone falls, the plastic in the case absorbs the blow itself protecting the phone and its body. This protects the phone from damage whereas, the plastic cases remain unharmed as well due to their plastic body. Same is in the case of temper glass as due to its hardness, the screen remains protected from breaking and cracking.

What to do in case, the screen breaks:

Phone screens are usually protected by protectors and temper glass. These are hard enough to protect the phone screen from breaking and cracking. Sometimes, the phone screens are not covered by protectors and they are cracked when the phones fall on the ground. No need to be panic. We will give you some ways and tricks by which you can fix your cracked phone screens.

Ways to fix broken phone screens at home:

Well, all phone users go through the devastating feeling of their phone slipping from their hands and falling on the ground and getting its screen cracked and broken. This can definitely put a very bad impact on its appearance and beauty and at the same time, damage it.

The first thing needed in this case is to go to the market to get the phone screen repaired, but you don’t need to go to the market every time for this purpose. We can give you some useful tricks to fix your phone screen at home. Here are some useful things that can be used for this purpose:

Tooth Paste:

The first and the best thing that can help in this purpose is the tooth paste. Tooth paste can be used to fix the cracks on the phone screen. It can provide some time to the phone screen for use instead of fixing it completely. So all you need to do is to take a good branded tooth paste and use it on your phone. Firstly, wipe your screen with a clean piece of cloth and then take a cotton bud. Put some paste on the cotton bud and rub it on the cracked screen, it will put the screen to its previous shape. One thing you need to make sure is that the paste does not go into the earphone and charging jack. This method is used to temporarily fix the cracked screen.

Baking Soda:

There is another thing that we can use to fix our cracked phone screens. Baking soda has proved to be beneficial for this purpose. It has been said that a mixture of baking soda and water with three parts of baking soda and one part of water can be used. You need to take a cotton bud again. Firstly, wipe the screen with a clean cloth. Now put this mixture on the cotton bud and apply it on the screen. Now rub the cotton bud gently on the screen. It will cover the cracked portion of the phone for a temporary amount of time.

Vegetable Oil:

One more thing that is very commonly used in fixing mobile cracked screens is the vegetable oil. It is one of the used things that can help in temporarily fixing cracked screens at home. At has the same process as above. All you need to do is to clean the screen and apply some vegetable oil using a cotton bud on the screen. The oil will temporarily fill the cracks that are affecting the screen and will stop the cracks from spreading further on the screen.


This is another way to save your screen from cracking further and fixing it temporarily. Using tape can just stop the cracks from spreading. It has an advantage that it will cover the whole screen and will save the screen from further damage and will also prevent any liquid material from getting into the phone through the cracks. However, will give a bad effect to the touch sensitivity of the screen. Therefore, you can only use tape in case you need a quick and temporary fix at home for a short amount of time.

There are many other ways by which we can fix our screen temporarily at home but these ways are only meant to keep the screen together after the cracks and damage it got by falling. These ways cannot provide complete solution of the problem and these cannot keep the phone safe. Therefore, the best way to solve the problem of broken phone screen is to go to the market and get the screen changed. More helpful way will be to install a protector or a temper glass to the screen to protect it from getting cracked again.