Is TPU Toxic?

Is TPU Toxic?

The world is full of technology. Man is advancing towards future. No doubt we are far developed then our ancestors and also no wonder how well developed our next generations will be. Many inventions are being made day by day. Now items are being made for the convenience for man.


TPU stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethanes. It’s made up of plastic, elastic, rubber. It is commonly used to make mobile phone cases. It is also known for its protective nature so it is used to make back covers for mobile phones and tablets. If your phone gets a fierce collision, TPU back cover can protect your phone without any damage. The TPU material is considered as the best form of defense and protection from collision now a day. TPU are mostly transparent in color and they don’t include a design usually, but as far as the protection is concerned, they are the best in the market.


Is TPU toxic?

By doing some research, we can say that, TPU is generally non-toxic. As, we know, TPU is manufactured in plastic industries by combination of different types of polymers that are found in nature. No doubt, these polymers are toxic for living beings and nature but when combined together, they make a stable compound that is called TPU. Therefore, we can now say that our phone back covers that are made up of TPU are non-toxic in its current form.

Toxicity of TPU:

As we know that TPU is widely used product around the world. Now, our main concern is that whether TPU is toxic or not. This has been a trending question throughout the users now a day. As we know, TPU is made up of plastic, so it would definitely be having some bad effects for the health of its users. Now let us do some research on the toxicity of TPU.  

Does TPU become toxic?

As we read earlier, TPU is neutral and non-toxic in its current form but it has a threat for living beings and nature. When this neutral material is exposed to heat or other reactive substances, it undergoes change in its form and releases toxic fumes that are very harmful for living beings as well as for the environment.

How is TPU dangerous?

The main reason for which TPU becomes dangerous is the toxic fumes that it releases when exposed to some factors. If by some chance, our phone catches fire by accident then what do we expect from our back covers? Definitely to protect our phone. Although, it protects the phone form burning and being damaged but at the same time it gets the damage itself by releasing harmful substances after getting exposed to fire. It releases Isocyanides that makes it very harmful and dangerous. When human body is exposed to these harmful substances, they cause problems such as difficulty in breathing, organ damage, irritation in eyes, nose and throat that can lead to blindness, disabilities or even death. It causes a harmful TPU allergy. Therefore, if human body is exposed to these harmful fumes, it can be seriously damaged. These harmful fumes also pose a threat to nature and environment. When the substances are released in air they can cause a lot of damage to many human beings, birds and even plants. They can cause a bad effect to water also. These are some factors that make TPU dangerous. So, now what? Should we stop using back covers for our phones?


How to prevent TPU from being toxic:

As we have read, we can see that TPU in general form is non-toxic for human body and other living beings but when it is exposed to fire or other reactive substances, it becomes toxic. So, now let’s come up with a good solution of this problem. Generally, we have seen by doing some research that the nature of TPU depends on its manufacture. Now a day, some neutralizing agents are being used in manufacture of TPU in its industries that does not let it react with reactive substances or fire as a result, harmful fumes are not released. We can also see that if, TPU is manufactured with substances of pure quality and accurate quantity, then it also be saved from releasing harmful fumes that cause harm to living beings and nature.  

What do I suggest:

We came through all the pros and cons that we could have of TPU. So, after looking at the detail of TPU, we can see clearly that although TPU can cause a good amount of damage to living beings and nature by the harmful fumes it produces, but we can also see that if it is made with correct amount of material of pure quality, then it can be prevented from causing damage to nature. So, in my opinion, we need to trust the manufactures for production of safe and eco-friendly products.



We have seen that TPU is non-toxic in nature but also causes a lot of damage by releasing harmful fumes when exposed to fire or other chemical substances. Then it becomes toxic enough to cause a lot of damage. The proper way to solve this is in its manufacturing. If, manufactured with proper quantity of pure material, then the TPU formed will be stable and will not react that easily thus, damage can be prevented.