Must Have Phone Accessories for Travelling

  1. Phone Case

While traveling, a smartphone is a must-have companion for almost everyone. Different manufacturers have started manufacturing accessories for smartphones that can be helpful while traveling for the user. Below is the list of some useful accessories for your smartphone:

Smartphone being an important device of daily use needs protection. Whenever you are traveling, the safety of your phone is even more critical as any damage to the device can lead to inconvenience. As a result, it can cut you off from family and friends. Putting a case on is always a good idea.

  • Screen Protector

In today’s world of touch screen phones, you can mostly interact with your device through the screen. If it gets damaged in some unfortunate incident and stops responding, you would not be able to interact with it anymore. Resultantly, you would be disconnected from your loved ones. Also, it would be costly to get it fixed. A screen protector should always be used to keep the screen of your phone safe.

  • Power Bank

While traveling, you may reach some point where you don’t have access to electricity. At that time, a fully charged power bank can be beneficial that can help you in charging your devices on the go.

  • Selfie Stick

Whenever people travel, they would take selfies and upload them on social media. Holding the phone in your hand and taking a selfie can be a bit difficult, especially when it is a group selfie. A selfie stick can be helpful in that case as you can cover several people while taking a selfie.

  • Waterproof Speaker

Listening to music while traveling can be fun and can keep you fresh and relax. Phone’s speaker cannot be loud enough for the purpose. You can consider having a portable waterproof speaker so you can enjoy your music on the go with whatever the weather conditions may be.

  • Waterproof Case

Putting on a case on your phone is always a good idea as it can save your device from getting damaged if it falls. But if you happen to have a situation that involves water, like rain you can get your phone damaged. Same can be the case if you go to the pool/beach with your phone in your pocket, or you drop your phone in water. A cover would be of no use and would damage your phone. To avoid this situation, you should consider buying a waterproof case so you can use your phone without any worries of getting it wet or damaged.

  • Battery Case

Phones these days are using much powerful processors, bigger screens, higher resolutions, and better cameras. These things consume a lot of power, resulting in less battery backup time, no matter how bigger the battery is. In that case, for a frequent phone user, it is difficult to charge the phone several times a day.  A battery case can be useful to make it to the end of the day with a one-time charge even with intensive usage.

  • Car Mounts

Placing the phone on the dashboard can be annoying as it may slip and fall while taking a sharp turn. If you drive frequently, you should have a car mount for your phone. It would be helpful while driving as you can have an eye on your notifications and directions if you are using GPS.

  • Car Charger

For frequent drivers, sometimes it is difficult to charge their phones as they spend very less of their time at home. A car charger can be helpful in that situation. You can plug it into your car and charge your phone while you are driving.

  1. Camera Lens

There was a time when you had to have a camera with you for taking pictures while traveling. Then phone manufacturers started manufacturing mobile phones with cameras built-in. Over time, smartphone cameras have become so good that you can merely tell the difference between a photo captured with the phone and the one captured with a professional camera. Now, in today’s world, people rely more on their phone’s camera than on a digital camera as it becomes extra to carry. With the best cameras in the phones, still, there are some limitations. Later, some lenses were introduced to overcome these limitations. These lenses can help you with zoom, macro-shots, and to get an even better picture than you can with your phone’s lens. If you are into mobile photography, these lenses are recommended for you.

  1. Handheld Video Stabilizer

If you are a traveler and a vlogger, you will love the idea of having a handheld video stabilizer. While making a video on the move, video can become shaky, which can be annoying to watch. Many phones come with optically stabilized cameras. But they are not so reliable in terms of videography. You still need a stabilizer that can not only make videography smooth but also flawless.

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

While going through crowded places, noise from people and traffic can interrupt your music. You can avoid this situation by getting yourself noise-canceling headphones. It can help in blocking the noise coming from the people or traffic around you and let you enjoy your music without any interruption.

  1. A Luggage Tracker

It can be challenging to find your luggage, and sometimes you even misplace your bags while traveling. To avoid any circumstances like this, you can use a luggage tracker. It is a device that you can stash in your bag and then from the app on your phone; you can track where your luggage is at the moment. It reduces the chances of losing your valuables.

  1. Tripod Stand

Handheld photography with your phone is simple and easy unless you need to capture a photo with slow shutter settings. With slow shutter speed, you need to keep your phone steady as possible as just a little movement can destroy the whole picture. No matter how much you try to stay stable, you will still end up getting a shaky image. For this purpose, you should have a tripod stand with you that can help in keeping your phone steady. It can also help you in making a time-lapse video where you need to keep your phone at the same place for hours. It is impossible for a person to hold the phone for such a long period.

  1. Solar Charger

Traveling can lead you to some point where you don’t have any source of energy to get your phone charged. Even if you have a power bank and battery case, they are not going to last forever. You should consider the option of having a solar charger with you so that you can keep your phone charged.

  1. Electronics Organizer

If you put your earphones, charger and other wired stuff in a bag, they will become so messy that you will have to waste a lot of your time separating them from each other. An electronics organizer can serve the purpose of keeping your wired stuff organized without getting them tangled with each other.