Picking the perfect case to protect your smart phone or tablet:


The world is full of new inventions and discoveries. Man is advancing towards future. No doubt we are far developed then our ancestors and also no wonder how well developed our next generations will be. Now a day, we have got many gadgets to make our work easy. Many items are being made for the convenience for man. They have made the living easy and convenient for people such as mobile phones that are one of the greatest gifts that science has given us. They have made communication easy for us. But what is the use of a device when it is so fragile in nature. These gadgets become invaluable and of no use when they break. So you would be thinking that if a man has made such a fragile piece of tech, then he must have made something to protect it.  Now a day, we use silicone, TPU, PC and many other cases for this purpose.

How do cases protect the phones?

Mobile phone cases are the most commonly used items for protection and safety of our gadgets. They provide protection and safety to the phones as well as they make the phones look good and fancy. We can see a large variety of these cases in the market now a day. Now the question arises that how does a plastic cover protect the phones from cracks and avoids the loss of breaking?

Most cases are made up of hard plastic, when our phone falls, the plastic in the case absorbs the blow itself protecting the phone and its body. This protects the phone from damage whereas, the plastic cases remain unharmed as well due to their plastic body.

Choosing the best case:

Now we want to choose the best cases for the protection and safety of our mobile phones and tablets. There are some main factors that we need to keep in mind for doing that. The main thing is the price of the case in the market. At first, its price should be in range so that it can be bought easily by everyone. The next thing that we need to assure is that it can provide the right amount of protection and safety to our phones and tablets. These are the two basic factors that we need to assure. Then there are many other factors that need assurance.

Searching the market for best case:

The first thing to do if we want the best case for our mobile phones is to search the market for it. It will give us many new ideas and will also show the trending products in the market. The basic thing we see when we need to buy a case is the price of that case. If we want the best case, then it should definitely be a bit expensive. If we go and search in the market for the best cases, we will definitely come through the cases that would be expensive. It is true because if we want the best case in the market, then it would surely be made up of good material and would be a bit expensive in price. Therefore, we need to compromise the factor of low and affordable price if we want to buy the best cases for our phones and tablets.

Watch for a guaranteed case:

When we buy a case in the market, the factor that will add to the value of that is the guarantee provided on that case. If we buy this item on online websites like e-bay or amazon, they will provide us the warranty with the case that will increase the value of the item. As compared to it, the cases with no guarantee will be of less value. Therefore, we need to look for a guaranteed item for our phones and tablets.

Do your own homework:

If you are in need of a good case for your mobile phone and tablet, then you need to do your own research at home firstly. Without research, going to buy the best case will only lead you in disappointment and loss. You need to do some research in the market for the best items. Social media will be of great help in this case. Social media websites can give all the information on the items we need. With this, we can also search on shopping websites for this purpose. They can keep us well informed of the trending mobile cases in market including their prices.

Take customer reviews:

Customer reviews on a product are the things that cannot be compared with any market review. These reviews can give us all the information we need. Good reviews can eliminate our suspicions and also give us a great opinion on the products we desire. There is a large amount of people that are buying cases for their mobile phones and tablets from the market. We need to take their reviews for search. Customer reviews will be of great help in choosing the best mobile phone cases and best tablet cases in the market.

Writing down your needs:

In order to search for the best mobile phone cases, you need to take a writing pad and write your needs in that pad. You must also take a survey of the latest mobile phone cases brands. This is a beneficial way to choose the best case from the market. Suppose you want a case with a specific color then you need to write this thing with the other specific properties you need in your case in order to specifically search for the best case for your mobile phone and tablets in market. Writing things down will surely help you in remembering the properties of the item you need for your phone or tablet.

Protection You need:

In order to buy the best case for your mobile phones and tablets, you need to see your needs. What type of case would prefer? This depends on how much protection you need for your mobile phones and tablets. If you are a person with careful nature and just want a basic case for general protection for your mobile phone, then your specifications will be different however, if you are a person with careless nature, then you need to make different specifications for your mobile phone case. It will surely include a thick and a protective case to protect your mobile phone or tablet from hard blows and falls to the ground. It also includes many other factors like color. Some people like simple transparent cases while some want colorful cases with a bunch of designs drawn on them. It all depends on your likings.

Types of cases for mobile phones and tablets:

As far as the basic properties of cases are concerned, there are different types of cases available in the market:

Rugged Cases:

Rugged cases are hard, bulky and protective cases for providing the best protection and safety to our mobile phones and tablets. They consist of hard bulky material that covers most of area of the mobile phone body including its buttons. They are known among the most protective cases in the market for mobile phones and tablets. They provide good grip and the phones can’t slip even from our wet hands but they are at a big disadvantage. They are bulky and thick that gives them a big disadvantage by making the phone and tablet less beautiful in appearance. Suppose, someone likes to have a slim phone and adds a rugged case onto it. This gives a disadvantage to the phone by making it thick and bulky. So, in this case, rugged cases cannot be called as the best cases for phones and tablets.

Slim Cases:

Slim phones are praised in the world for their sim and thin body design that adds to the beauty of these phones. Then there is a need to protect these phones from falls and damage. A person would not want to add a cases to make the mobile phone thick and bulky. This would simply make the appearance of phone, bad. Therefore, in order to protect the phones and tablets from falls and also not compromise on the beauty of its slim body, we need to trust and use slim cases. Slim cases are thin cases and they protect the phones and tablets from all types of damages caused by falls and collisions. Also, they don’t effect the beauty of the mobile phones. So, these cases are basically the best cases we have in the market.

Folio Cases:

These cases are made up of a fancy material like jeans that adds to the beauty of the phone and tablet. These cases are mostly two sided, they give protection from the back side and also makes the front side beautiful. The front side also protects the phone and tablets from scratches. The pleasant odor given by the material also adds to the rating of this case. They also come in prices with affordable range.

Battery Cases:

For the mobile phones and tablets that have a weak battery, we need a special case. For this purpose, special battery cases are used. These cases can provide protection to the mobile phones and tablets and at the same time, they can charge the phone. These cases have a big disadvantage that the charging portion makes the case heavy that is bad for the case.


There are many good cases that can provide protection and safety to the mobile phones and tablets and at the same time, make it more appealing and beautiful in appearance. So, what case would be best for phones? In my opinion, I would prefer Folio cases. As these cases protect the phones form both sides and also add to the beauty of the phones and tablets. So I would like to vote for these cases. Hope you like it too.