What is Battery Calibration

What is Battery Calibration

Battery Calibration:

Science has made our lives easy by giving a fancy amount of inventions to us. Early days were very difficult for humans. Communication was nearly impossible. Transportation was also not easy. People were living hard lives full of difficulties. But then Science came and made their lives easy. All the problems of humans have vanished. All of this has only been due to Science. The man of today is living a far comfortable and relaxed life as compared to the early man. All of this has only been due to Science.

Some of the most amazing inventions of Science include portable communication devices. The thing about these devices is that these devices can be taken anywhere in the world with the user. Mobile Phones and Laptops are an excellent example of portable communication devices. These devices are powered by batteries that make them work for many hours consistently.

Now let’s come to our main point. You have often felt that mobile batteries discharge before going to 1 or 2 % battery percentage. The same is the case with laptops that shut down due to an empty battery before the given time. This often occurs due to an error in the batteries. We have the right solution to this problem. The best solution for this problem is the battery calibration.

What is Battery Calibration?

Battery Calibration is a method of correcting battery stats that go wrong and show wrong battery time. Some times in laptops or android phones, the devices shut down before the time mentioned. This causes a problem and a disturbance for the user. To solve the problem, battery calibration is used. It consists of a method that checks your battery and repairs it. After battery calibration, the cell shows the right amount of running time until discharge.

Why do batteries do this?

When a battery is bought, it is fresh, and it can store the maximum amount of energy in it. At that time, it has a maximum working time. But as soon as the battery gets old, it starts losing its storage capacity and weakens. This causes the battery to drain faster. And as a result, the battery discharges entirely before the time shown to discharge completely. That’s why the batteries behave in this way.

When should we do battery calibration?

Well, it is simple; as mentioned above, often in daily routine, mobile phones and laptops behave in this way, as they discharge completely before reaching low battery percentage. This also happens with laptops that they show the time of discharging and shut down before the time is reached. This is the time for battery calibration.

How to do battery calibration?

Battery calibration is necessary for laptops and mobile phones as it refreshes their batteries. Now let’s see some steps in which we can calibrate the batteries of our phones and laptops.

Steps for Laptop Battery Calibration:

1. In the first step, charge your battery fully up to 100 %.

2. Now in the second step, let the battery rest for two hours, but you need to leave the laptop plugged in.

3. Now in the next step, open the battery menu by clicking the battery icon located at the lower right corner of the screen. This will take you to the Control Panel.

4. Click “more power options,” and you will be taken to the power management settings of the computer.

5. In the Power Management settings, there will be a button named as “when to turn off the display.” Click this button.

6. Now you will proceed to another page. On the next page, click on a button named “change advanced power settings.”

7. After you click that button, a box will appear. It will be named as the “Power Options” box.

8. In the “Power Options” box, go to “Advanced Settings” and click “Battery.” Under the battery option, click “Critical Battery Action” and set it to hibernate. Next, click “Critical Battery Level” and set it to 5%. 

9. Now in the next step, pull the plug and stop charging your laptop.

10. Now let your laptop to discharge until it hibernates automatically. Keep in mind that you need to make the laptop to hibernate automatically.

11. There can be a problem. Your laptop has a default setting to hibernate or power off or sleep on its own when stayed idle for some time. So, you need to change this setting to calibrate your laptop in idol state. On the other hand, you can use your laptop if you want.

12. Now in the final step, you need to wait for 5 hours until your laptop shuts down automatically. Then, plug the charging cable back and charge up to 100%. After calibrating, make sure that the power settings are set to their average values before using it.

13. This will make your battery percentage right and will also calibrate the battery.

Battery Calibration in Mobile Phones:

Mobile phones are the most used gadgets in the whole world now a day. Almost every person in this world has a phone with him. We cannot see a single person that does not have a phone. Mobile phones have become parts of our lives. They have made communications easy for us. But this gadget makes us disturbed and frustrating when its battery drains. This useful gadget becomes useless when its battery drains out in no time. Want a solution? This is undoubtedly a time for its battery calibration. Let’s get through some steps that show us how to calibrate a mobile phone.

Steps for Mobile Battery Calibration:

  1. In the first step, you need to use your mobile phone till its battery drains out completely and it shuts down.
  2. Now you need to turn on your mobile phone again and wait till its turn off again. In short, you need to discharge the battery of your phone completely.
  3. Now in the next step, plug the phone and let it charge without turning it on until it goes to 100 % battery.
  4. Now switch on the phone. If the phone does not indicate 100 % battery, you need to turn it off again and charge it until it has shown 100 % on the screen.
  5. Repeat the steps above again and again until you see 100 % in the battery percentage when the phone powers on.
  6. Now you need to discharge your mobile phone battery again to zero until your mobile shuts down.
  7. Now charge the mobile phone again without interruption. Now it will work fine without a problem.
  8. These are some steps to calibrate the battery of your phone.

Adverse Effects of Battery Calibration:

Battery calibration has a lot of advantages for the batteries of your devices, but at the same time, it has some disadvantages.

  1. Discharging a battery, again and again, is very bad for it. We can see that if we discharge a battery completely, it will make the battery damaged.
  2. Charging a battery to overload, it is also not a good thing for the battery. Too much overloading can cause the battery to lose itself, and this can cause a blast.
  3. Frequent battery calibration can also lead to damage to devices’ battery. So, we would not recommend regular battery calibration.

Battery Calibration using Mobile Applications:

Battery calibration is used to correct the battery stats in portable devices. As we have mentioned many methods with which we can do battery calibration, there is another way to calibrate the battery. We can use many online and offline applications to calibrate our devices’ batteries.

Let’s see some top trending applications with which we can calibrate our devices’ batteries.

Advanced Battery Calibrator:

There are well-known problems with Android OS and the reported maximum battery capacity. This maximum battery capacity is used by android OS to identify when the battery is fully charged. Advanced Battery calibrator will fix these problems and make Android OS see your real battery capacity allowing it to be charged to its actual full capacity.

Advanced Battery Calibrator works exceptionally well with its sister app “Battery Life Repair,” and it has been designed to take full advantage of it by sharing information between both applications. If you want to keep your battery healthy use both apps and take advantage of its integration, calibrate your battery today with the top one application on the store and experiment a real improvement on your battery.

Battery Calibration Pro 2018:

Battery Calibration Pro uses state-of-the-art technology to inspect potential problems on your battery and calibrates it with a single button. We recommend calibrating your battery once a week, with our application this process will not take more than 3 minutes.

Amazing features:

1. Learn how to take care of your battery with our free tips.

2. Displays hidden information of your battery as Health, Status, Voltage, Temperature, Charge, and Type of charge.

3. Quick actions for Bluetooth, Sound, Wifi, and Control of automatic brightness.

4. Easy to use and intuitive.

5. Beautiful and straightforward interface applying design material.

6. We will give you complete support 24/7.

7. Calibrated with just one button.

8. Device detector to adjust the savings levels to the maximum.

 9. It is also 100% free.

Easy Battery Calibration – Battery Fix Calibrate:

Easy Battery Calibration is born to solve the problem of many mobile phones and tablets that do not show the percentage of charge correctly due to the degradation of the batteries when they reach high temperatures and for the hundreds of cycles of a load to which they are submitted. When the algorithms that calculate the percentage fail, you have a problem. That percentage you look at all the time is not accurate and no longer useful. You don’t know if the phone or tablet is going to have the autonomy you expect, and you will always be depending on the charger. That’s why it’s essential to calibrate the battery. So, all you need to do is to call us for help. We will make sure that your phone battery does not make you worried again.

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