Which is better TPU or silicone?

Silicone vs TPU Case:

The world is full of technology. Man is advancing towards future. No doubt we are far developed then our ancestors and also no wonder how well developed our next generations will be. Many inventions are being made day by day. Now items are being made for the convenience for man. They have made the living easy and convenient for people such as mobile phones that are one of the best gifts that science has given us. They have made communication easy for us. But what is the use of a device when it is so fragile in nature. These gadgets become invaluable and of no use when they break. So you would be thinking that if a man has made such a fragile piece of tech, then he must have made something to protect it.  Now a day, we use silicone and TPU cases for this purpose.

Silicone Cases:

Silicone Cases are made up of a material called Polyurethane. The polyurethane is an inexpensive cell phone case material often available in either soft or hard form. The plastic material is readily molded into a desired shape and is easy to recycle. As it can easily be molded, the cell phone case made from the plastic can have many customized designs and patterns. Therefore, if you need a designed and fashioned case, then silicone cases are the best choice in the market for you. They can provide your phones with protection and at the same time they can make you phones different using the designs on them.


TPU stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethanes. It’s made up of plastic, elastic, rubber. Once your phone is getting a fierce collision, TPU case can highly protect your phone without any damage. They are considered as the best form of defense and protection from collision now a day. TPU are mostly transparent in color and they don’t include a design usually, but as far as the protection is concerned, they are the best in the market.


Why are we choosing these two items?

Now what was the reason of using only the two of these in the comparison. Aren’t there other products that can be used for phone protection. We have searched and found out that no other product has been able to provide great protection to the mobile phones other than these two. Items like pouches, covers and other plastic covers have not been the least satisfying for mobile phone users. So in short, these two items were proved to be the most satisfying for the mobile phone users. Therefore, we have taken these two items.

Reason for comparing these two items:

Well, actually there has been a great rivalry going on now a day between these two products that which one is better in providing protection to the mobile phones. Some are trusting silicone cases while some are going in favor of TPU cases. So, we started thinking to make a quick comparison between these two. Also will also find out soon which item is better by doing a detailed analysis of both items and by discussing their pros and cons.

 Silicone vs TPU, which is better?

Silicone and TPU cases are the best things using with we can protect our mobile phones from breaking. Now let’s finally uncover the reveal that which item has been proved to be more efficient and protective between the two of these. Well, by the analysis of these two products and by discussing their advantages and disadvantages, we can say that TPU is better than Silicone cases.

Many costumers have given their detailed review on these two items and we have also discussed their pros and cons as well. After this, we have concluded that TPU has gotten the greater amount of votes than Silicone cases. We will be discussing the pros and cons of both items and we will justify our conclusion with proofs.


 Pros and Cons for Silicone Cases:

Silicone cases are made from a soft material so  the buttons that are covered by the case can be easily pressed by the user while, hard cases are at a disadvantage at this point.Silicone Cases are very bad conductors of heat so       they can store heat in them that can cause a bad        effect to the phones.
The best advantage of silicone cases is that they come in a big variety of designs and patterns.     Even there are stores in which costumers can   design their own designs for silicon casesSilicone cases carry static electricity with them, so    they carry dirt particles with them. This thing makes them dirty all the time.
Silicone cases are temperature resistant. This    gives them a dual advantage. At one side they protect a phone from collisions on the other side they also protect the phones from burning.Silicone cases have a big disadvantage that they get loose with time and the grip to hold the phone is reduced so mostly, prolonged used silicone cases have very less grip and they mostly loose the phone.
Silicone cases are environment friendly. i.e. they cause no pollution in the environment. They are bio degradable material that are friendly to the environment. Silicone cases don’t provide greater protection as compared to hard cases like metal ones. These cases can be easily punctured with sharp objects.
Silicone cases are resistant to scratches like they can’t be damaged as in case of hard plastic and rubber material.Silicone cases develop a sticky layer when used for a long time. This provides a bad sensation to the users and disables them from using it.

Pros and cons of TPU Cases

TPU cases are hard plastic material to the main thing       they provide is the protection and safety.  These cases   are unbreakable. This thing is absent in case of silicone  cases.TPU cases are protective cases therefore we can see that these cases are thick and they make the phone bulky which is not good.
TPU cases have an advantage that they cover a large area of the phone that increases the protection. Most TPU cases cover all the buttons of the phone too.TPU cases have the main disadvantage that these cases are expensive as compared to Silicone cases and this is the main factor that backs them.
TPU cases are great as far as grip is concerned. No matter how harshly we treat them, these cases will never loose grip of the phone while this is a disadvantage in case of silicone cases. 
TPU cases are environment friendly. i.e. they cause no pollution in the environment. They are bio degradable material that are friendly to the environment.  
TPU cases are resistant to scratches like they can’t be damaged as in case of hard plastic and rubber material. They cannot be damaged even from a sharp material. 

Customer Review:

We have taken this question to the public and asked the users that what have they observed after using these items. We made a thorough survey in the market. Most of the customers were clearly in favor of TPU cases and they told us that despite of its high price in the market, people mostly trust TPU cases for the protection of their phones because they are more durable, safe and provide with greater protection as compared to the Silicone cases.

What do I suggest:

We came through all the pros and cons that we could have of both silicone and TPU cases. So, after looking at the tables above, we can clearly see the difference. In my opinion, TPU cases are better than Silicone cases. They seem to be better than Silicone cases in many departments. They provide with more protection as compared to Silicone cases. They have a better grip as compared to Silicone cases. They also don’t carry dust and dirt with them and they can be used for a very long time and still they would not lose their charm and shape. So, in my opinion, the TPU cases have a better chance and durability in the market. You must prefer TPU cases over Silicone cases despite of their high prices.



We have been through the complete analysis of both Silicone cases as well as TPU cases. We have seen the pros and cons of both of these items and we have also taken the view of the customer. After all these facts, we can clearly see that TPU cases carry a great advantage over Silicone cases. Despite of all the properties of both Silicone cases and TPU cases, the main factor to focus for us is the protection provided to the phone. These two items have given great protection and safety to mobile phones after coming into the market. Both of the cases have been designed and made for the protection and safety of phones. However, we can see that silicones haven’t been able to fulfill the demands of the user therefore, TPU cases are declared to be the winner of this race.